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Making things up as we go along...

3 September 1977
About myself: hum... what is there to say? I'm female, with all the bits and bobs and quirks that that implies, single, over 30 and I live in Portugal. If you read above, you'll know that I love to travel. I already have some memorable trips in my memories' bag; Italy and Egypt come to mind as dreams that came true... Paris is a lovely mirage of romance, London is efficiency turn to beauty...
I have a couple more places that I plan to visit someday, long trips half way across the world that will take time and money, but cannot be put aside until enjoyed: Japan, New Zealand, Australia...
I have a couple nearer ones that will probably happen sooner, like Spain and maybe return to Italy. The USA, there's a couple of places I would love to see (Washington DC, New York...)

About writing: I do it for fun, for self-improvement and for love. I write because I have to, not in the sense that someone has a gun pointed to my head, but because I actually feel bad when I don't. So, be it in one fandom or another, or even, who knows one day, in original stuff, I know I'll always be writing.

Right now, the fandom that has caught my heart is Supernatural. I've written 57 stories (in between one-shots and long multi-chapters. Not including the drabbles and really, really short stuff) in the world that Kripke created and, with another season looming, I don't see myself stopping that soon.

Also, as some of you may have already notice, I write in a language that is not my own. I'm Portuguese, and the language I've been using since I learned to speak is Portuguese. I did had some classes of both English and French in high-school, but where I've really learned how to use English is all it's glory, was here. The internet.

I started by reading like crazy all the other brilliant (and some times not so brilliant) works of other writers and, very shyly, I started to compile my stories, my plots, with what little English I could master at the time (dictionary firmly at hand, hair pulling sessions when I couldn't find the words I was looking for, head-bashing against the wall when I couldn't express what I wanted the way I wanted).

That was close to 15 years ago.

I'm better now, which doesn't mean that I won't still make obnoxious mistakes in my writing (you've probably already found a couple of them, if you've read this rant so far *g*). And that is why I write to better myself... and why, above all else, I trust the spell-checking and advise from my friend, from my partner, my beta-reader, Julie (Jackfan2 for the interwebs world)

About this journal: It's free for all who want to read it. I use it mostly to post my work (stories and art) but I do occasionally post a more personal entry, or a rant that can't be quieten, a review of something or maybe just a sigh. You are free to see them all, as you are free to leave (or not) your thoughts and ideas in comments.

I tend to friend back all that friend me, but I'll lazy about these things and may overlook some of you. If that happened, I'm sorry, it's not because I don't want to be your LJ-friend, it's because I missed your message.

Gessshh! That turn out long...

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