adrenalineshots (adrenalineshots) wrote,

Primal- Seeing is believing, Master post

Author: adrenalineshots
Artist: evian_fork
Beta: jackfan2
Warnings: Language and the usual amount of gore
Word count: 40k
Spoilers: Set in season 8 (somewhere between ‘Remember the titans’ and ‘Taxi driver’) so if you’ve seen it, you’re good
Rating: R

Summary: How far can run from yourself? Purgatory changed Dean in more ways than he’s aware of, in more ways than he is willing to admit even to himself. Working on a new case that takes them deep into the midst of a series of gruesome murders and an invisible killer, Dean struggles to come to terms with who he is while Sam does his best to figure out his brother’s secrets.

Story Notes: This story is set in the same universe as Primal: Sense of self, but all the important information is here as well, so you don’t need to read that one at all.

Tags: primal verse
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