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Impala's Run- Art post

So, what do you do when the lucky draw decides that you’ll be making art for one of the most talented artists this fandom has had the pleasure of enticing?

You panic, obviously, because ohshit!howcanIpossiblymakethisworthy... and then you just try your best.

THIS STORY (and yes, this is the part where you forget about all of this nonsense and just GO READ IT!!!!) is one of the best I’ve ever read because, seriously, it has everything that makes me drool. And then some!

I don’t want to give too much away, because part of the fun and brilliance of quickreaver and monicawoe’s writing is for you to slowly discover this world that they’ve created, but I will say this: the Impala as a spaceship IS. FRIGGING. AWESOME!!!!

So, the art.

Turning the Impala into a spaceship was my first and foremost job to tackle –the word giddy comes to mind during that time *g*- and I tried doing it in the most simplistic and somewhat practical manner.

From this point on, there will be spoilers for specific events in the story, so I sure hope you’ve read it by now, or else it will kind of ruin the story for you.

The beginning

It was such a powerful and compelling image, with the heat and the dead tree and the crow... I couldn’t help but to try and put it in picture. Again, it was way too much fun to try and create Bambi, even if ‘she’ was always intended to appear as a tiny speck in the larger picture.

The catalyzer

Next we have the big confrontation at Jess’ bookstore. Once more, the visual of Sam’s ability was just too good to pass up. In this one, I owe a big thank you to quickreaver for her help and magic touch with Sam and Jess’ faces <3

Escaping the farm

The Impala. Flying. ‘nough said.

I do wanna give the Leviathan’s ship a change to come to the forefront because, like Bambi, it was made to be just a tiny element of a larger piece where the focus had to be on the Impala. The Beetlejuice, as the authors –and I have to admit they did got it right- have pointed out *g*

Stealth mode

Just a Photoshop trick, really, but you kind of get the idea.

The cockpit

How do you go about making the inside controls of a spaceship when you don’t even know the controls of an airplane? You steal... sort of. The ones here are a sort of mesh up of space shuttle controls and a couple of private jets. And when in doubt, add more blinking lights *g*
The back of the seats, however, are all Winchester ;)

The rest are just technicalities, really. Chapter banners and icons, made from little pieces of what’s above.

As a final note, I just want to say thank you to reapertownusa for putting the work to organize this event again and to quickreaver and monicawoe: ladies, it was a true pleasure working with you!
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