adrenalineshots (adrenalineshots) wrote,

JIB 4: Group pictures

Matt looking at Abdullah's art work

Christmas time for Ty, Matt and Robb

Robb wondering when is Ty going to attack him

Ty attacks him *g*

Sebastian and Ty have just noticed that there's an audience filled with women in front of them

Ty, STANDING-in for Jared

Ty, concentrating on his good behavior

Richard and Robb, making good use of the clown noses

Sebastian trying to explain to Matt why he needs to take off his pants *g*

Misha, with a tiny Polaroid of Sebastian's crotch

Ty after his gymnastics to win the bet

Jensen trying to get Misha to behave

Boys will be boys

Misha's resume

Misha wanted to make sure we had a very close look at Jensen's resume picture

The animal mics

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