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Jus in Bello IV

I’m back! After a wonderful night spent at the airport and a lovely trip with a child with possessed feet who had the worse mother ever, I have finally reached by bathtub and my bed, my two main objectives for today.

But you know what? After the magnificent time I had over the weekend, no sleepless night or bad parenting can really ruin it for you, you know?

It was so nice to see familiar faces from the last years and meeting a few new ones! I had lovely time catching up with amberdreams and the most wonderful night with all the gals at the cocktail table :)

And of course, the Supernatural guests that joined us there were not too shabby as well ;)

This year we had Jensen, Misha, Robert, Richard, Sebastian, Brock, Matt, Ty Olson, Jason and Steve. We didn’t get Jared but he was never far from our thoughts.

So... Friday.

Didn’t see much. We arrived just as the opening ceremony was beginning, but because the Hilton decided that A WHOLE YEAR wasn’t time enough to get our room ready and they needed an extra frigging hour to do that, we ended up missing that.

AND THEN, when we finally manage to get our stuff in the room and rush downstairs, we arrive just as Richard was doing one of his tours of the room. So, imagine the scene: you’re late, the panel is almost ending, the room is mostly dark, everyone sitting and me and my brother, trying to sneak in as quietly and discreetly as we could so not to disturb.

Suddenly, I hear Richard’s voice, right behind me, saying ‘Yeah, don’t mind me.’

So, as we were trying to walk down the room to find an open spot to cross, Richard was walking behind us, trying to reach the other side of the room too. It was... kind of embarrassing *g*

But you know, even though I’ve never been to other conventions other than the Rome ones, so I have no ground of comparison here, I love the fact that in JIB the line separating the fans from the ‘stars’ is so thin that it’s barely there. First year I was there, I crossed paths with Jason in the elevator more than once, we even took a ride together; second year, Misha gave a couple of heart attacks to the security guys because he decided to use the fans bathroom, right there in the lobby. This year, I was on my way to breakfast, eyes still barely opened and fresh out of bed and I almost collided with the whole group of Jason, Steve, Richard, Rob, Brock and Sebastian coming from their breakfast. And no, this isn’t just me being clumsy/lucky. This kind of thing happens frequently and to lots of fans. I mean, on cocktail night you don’t even need to be a part of the convention to meet the guys; just head over to the hotel’s bar and chances are more than a few of them will be there. How many conventions can claim the same?

But I ramble...

I’m not going to into much details about all the panels because I’m sure you’ll find plenty of tweets and videos about most of them, so I’ll just stick to highlights and the stuff that came across as extraordinary for me. Ok, mostly I’ll tell what I remember and given that it was a whole week of very little sleep and lots of walking... well, no guarantees.

The cocktail party was... confusing, for the lack of a better word *g*

As you’ve all heard before, these things are usually like speed dating for groups. This year, it was speed dating on crack!

For starters, there were way too many people in that room. Each table was crowded and there were folks who didn’t even had a seat (or there were some very, very confused ladies who were desperately trying to sit at the wrong table)

Each guest had like two minutes to seat at each table (somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but there was like 30 tables in there?) but in between the actual sitting and the usual pleasantries, the time for any kind of talk was cut down to 30 seconds. And, ok, it’s not like we go to these things and expect to have an actual conversation with any of them, but there was barely time for a simple words exchange:

One of the guests: ‘So, you guys enjoying yourselves?’

Chorus of fans: ‘Yes! It’s been quite a wond—‘

Organization guy: ‘TIME TO CHANGE!’

Sometime during the middle of event, the organization realized that the time each guest spent at the tables was getting ridiculous and they begun allowing for them to stay longer. By the end of the evening, some guests were even going around for a second round!

Saturday was the day Ty decided to crash every single panel he could! And when I say every single one, I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE *g*

This was the first time I saw Ty and Matt in panels and I have to say, they’re pretty good. Ty is just insane and was having the best time of his life and, in doing so, showing us a hell of a good time too.

Matt was sweet. I mean, he had his insane moments as well (like a kid on a sugar rush, actually) but when he stopped for two seconds and gave a straight answer, he came across as a really sweet and caring guy.

Misha, I have to say, was very... tame this year. For him, I mean. Still wild by most people’s standards.

I think he answered more questions in one panel this year than he did in all the panels together the years before.
One fan in particular was wondering why we always heard stories about Misha’ son but none about his baby daughter. Misha gave us a couple of baby stories, because he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t want his fans lacking anything *g*
As expected, his stories about a baby revolved pretty much over sleeping and pooping. Mostly pooping.

Jensen ended up doing one panel alone and one with Ty because of Jared’s absence. He tends to get a little bit serious when alone (and note that I say serious and not boring, because he actually gives quite interesting answers), but being with others on stage seems easier for him. He seems to relax more and lets himself go a little (those, btw, are the best parts *g*). Fun moment for me was when an Italian fan asked him if he’d ever been to Florence. He said yes and the girl asked him if he’d climbed to the Duomo’s top (that’s 463 steps straight up, 463 back down, in case you’re wondering) and I was like I was just there two days ago!

He didn’t do it, by the way. Too many steps for smart people.

Jensen and Ty were fun to watch on stage. Completely different dynamics between them than in between Jensen and Jared. Jensen and Jared are like brothers; I think that anyone who has ever seen an interaction between those two can easily see that.

Ty around Jensen is more like the new kid who still can’t believe that the coolest guy in school picked him to be a friend. He respects Jensen a lot, something that was easy to see from the way Ty actually tried to behave during their panel (he failed, but we love that he failed *g*).

Later on, we got another glimpse of the huge amount of respect and, dare I say, eagerness to be seen as a respected man by Jensen that Ty has. Everyone seen pictures of Ty humm... humping Jensen’s leg, right? That was not the moment of respect *g*... obviously.

So, Jensen made a bet with Ty: if Ty didn’t managed to make him laugh in 30 seconds (at least I think it was 30. I’m doing all of this from memory, so bare with me), Ty –who did nothing but party all weekend, day AND night- would have to be in bed by 10 pm. If he did make Jensen laugh, they would party all night.

With such high stakes, Ty spared no effort. He jumped on the floor, doing all sorts of gymnastics and goofy things around Jensen, including humping his leg. And Jensen did not crack even a tiny smile. Finally, already feeling defeated, Ty stands up and looks at Jensen’s face... and Jensen promptly cracks up *g*

It was really funny to watch, especially because after all the sweat and effort, all it took was one look for Ty to win the bet.

What I found amazing was that, a bit later, during Jensen’s panel, Ty returned to apologize/make sure he hadn’t overstepped his boundaries with Jensen with the whole humping thing. Jensen, looking more surprised than anything else, told him that everything was cool, completely putting Ty’s mind at ease. So yeah, more than respect, I think Ty actually looks up at Jensen and tries his best to keep a good impression of himself.

Sunday, as always, is officially the INSANITY day. Honestly, I have no idea what happens to the guests on the last day of these Rome conventions, but I really hope that it just keeps on happening for ever! *g*

Richard and Rob and their imitations were just spot on. Richard does an amazing Rob and both of them showing us how the organization guys handled Ty was just hilarious. Basically, according to them, getting Ty to any of the rooms to do the stuff he had to do was like luring a tiger to his cage... it got particularly funny when Ty crashed into their panel and they had to explain it to his face. And when the gift box they opened (you’ve heard about this, right? How each guest in a panel got to open a box from the pile and each box had a different goofy thing inside?) was just perfect for those two: two big, red clown noses.

So, imagine yourself, standing in front of microphone, nervous because it’s possibly the first time you’re doing it, looking up to ask a question to an actor you respect and adore and being met with the image of Richard and Bob looking back at you, with their big red noses on. Needless to say, not many managed to ask a serious question after that.

Matt and Brock fighting for our attention as the audience was ‘attacked’ by a frigging hovering camera (yes, attacked. The thing almost chopped my head off!) was very funny, especially when Brock finally beat it with the power of his mind (and the organization girl turned it off *g*).

The last panel, Misha and Jensen, is the one where epicness usually happens. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the last one before the end, if it’s just the wonderful work chemistry between those two guys. They just feed off the insanity of one another... or maybe it was the beer and scotch the curtain bartender, aka Ty, was supplying them ;)

There was an hilarious moment right at the start, featuring the child star of the convention. I trust you’ve all heard about young Abdullah (I apologize to the kid if that’s the wrong spelling) by this point, right?

So, after having spent Matt and Brock’s entire panel on stage, in silence, bravely fighting off Matt’s evowl plan of covering him in colored strings and other Mardi Gras decorations, young Abdullah finally managed to escape the stage... until Misha thought it was fun to bring him back with him and Jensen *g*

The kid did enjoy the piggy-back ride that Misha gave him, though. A lot more than all the attempts to strike a conversation with him in English (I believe the kid was French and did not understand a word they were saying). They goofed around with him for a bit, Jensen thanked him in French (always hot to hear him using another language) and proceeded to pick up the whole ensemble (kid and chair) to deliver him to his mother, who was just on the front row. The kid, however, was enjoying the high chair too much to get off it *g* Jensen had to struggle quite a bit to get it back.

This year’s insanity part, however, felt a bit like part two of last year (when a fan took Misha’s résumé and Jensen proceeded to make fun of every single item listed under Misha’s ‘special skills’). This year, we had Jensen’s résumé to play with *g*

Seen all those pics and videos of Jensen busting a move? THAT’s because his agent wrote Jensen could dance. So, obviously, he had to prove it to us, or else no one would’ve believed ;)

Next year? We’re hoping for the last part of the trilogy: Jared’s résumé.

After that we had the most brilliant monologue that Misha delivered in his, by now, familiar Indian-Russian accent, which is equally atrocious for both languages, I’m sure.

The last box that they opened on stage was, for personal reasons, my favorite *giggle*

There were two very cute plush animals inside, a tiger and a panda, which Misha promptly used to make Jensen miserable while he struggled to answer some fan’s question. He stuck the panda on Jensen’s microphone and the tiger on his and preceded to make the tiger raw every other word Jensen tried to get out. The whole scene was so ridiculous looking that even Cliff came around and took a picture of how those guys looked basically holding toy mics. And then he stole the tiger and the panda (don’t worry, he gave them back... after Jensen called him the biggest fangirl ever *g*).

By the end of the panel, as had happened in all others, the stuff inside the gift boxes ended up in the audience. Misha ended up throwing Jensen’s panda and Jensen threw his tiger. Now... guess who was the lucky fan that got Jensen’s toss?

The guy sitting right next to me!

Luckily for me, I happen to share a couple of genes with that guy and well... let’s just say that I really, really love my tiger :)))

Well, I’ve rambled long enough. I’ll try and get the rest of the photos and the videos up tomorrow ;)

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