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True north- Notes and stuff

Some notes byjackfan2...

Natty, akaadrenalineshots, my co-author/partner-extraordinaire/fantastic friend and all round skilled visionary and wordsmith, is in a word, brilliant.

In weaving this together, she really has this amazing ability to see cohesiveness when all I saw chaos. She sees originality where I see things at face value and lose the overall message. In short, if you are ever as lucky as I am to work with her, you’d echo my sentiment, if not the exact words. I thank her for allowing me in time after time over the length of our friendship, to glimpse what she does so amazingly and having worked with her in this manor, I’m fortunate enough to see another side of her gifts. It was this time as it always has been, inspiring to me.

Okay, I know she’s blushing like crazy and calling me crazy so I’ll move on…

Our artistcaluk, you went so far beyond any vision I had for the artwork. The first drafts I saw had my jaw dropping in amazement and I couldn’t be prouder over your offering to this story. You’ve impressed me greatly and I know for a fact that when you can impress a fellow artist, you’ve achieved something amazing in your output. I’m no artist, but my co-writer is and we couldn’t be more pleased with how the results of your insight have matched perfectly the tone and construct of we gave you. Considering how raw that early draft was, the fact that you saw this… clearly you saw in those words more than we anticipated and we had our hopes set high. You not only achieved those hopes but exceeded them. Thank you so much for your time, talent and skill and gifting us with them.

reapertownusa.What can I say?! I'm just... amazed. You made something we could all be proud of and as a leader, you captained it like any good master and commander should, and then some. You excelled in your enthusiasm and determination to see this community become better than the anyone had anticipated. The presence of gen big bangs have been growing and it’s all because of your hard work and perseverance. Isn’t it amazing what can be achieved through effort and sweat equity?! Thank you for caring enough to see this through each and every time!

And some notes by myself...

What an adventure it was to write a story of this size and proportion with my good friend Julie!

For years now, we’ve been working together in bringing you guys stories as good as we can, sometimes with me in the writer seat and she as a beta, some other times the other way around.

Both of us driving the bus, however? Save for a very short and very cracky story a while back, this was the first time we took a chance at doing this. And if you don’t mind myself saying so, Julie... I think it worked pretty damn well!

So, my first thank you is for her,jackfan2, because none of this would have been possible without her tossing ideas on the table, pushing me and most of all, enduring my predator-writer slips (yes, I can get scary sometimes. It’s not pretty when I growl). She was there every step of the way, a true partner in crime. And most of all, she was there steering the ship when I had other things to do, other story and art commitments to attend to. She was there, making up for my absence with even more ingenuity and spunk than the steady flow she gave me throughout the whole time we wrote this.

Secondly, I want to acknowledge the wonderful work thatcalukdid. Honestly, when I first saw the cover she’d done for us, my jaw dropped. You’ve seen it. You know what I’m talking about (and if you haven’t, you really have no idea what you’re missing). It’s simply gorgeous! And after that, there was all the rest. Ghosh! We were like two kids at Christmas morning, opening one awesome present after the other!

Last, but certainly not the least, I want to thankamberdreams. Every single addition that you brought to this story, every single snag you point out, was precious and crucial to make this plot tighter, to make this story more fluent, enjoyable and all further away from the mess we started with.


A final word from us about the this story and its presentation:

North Brother Island is still there. The ruins of the old Riverside hospital complex are still there and, ever since we saw the haunting pictures posted in this site, we were salivating to send the Winchester brothers there and mess with them.

The Bowe Brothers –Martin, Jack, Jim and Will- actually existed. They were a notorious group of criminals that, in between 1840 and 1860 committed over a hundred crimes in the NYC area, mainly the dockyards of the East River.

Typhoid Mary was really a patient at the clinic facilities in North Brother Island. She was quarantine there for so long (over two decades) that she ended up working there and becoming a nurse.

The gemmules references that Sam and Dean find in the old medical files are also based on a real theory, by Darwin, that was around in 1868. It was called Pangenesis and it tried to explained heredity mechanics. Basically, he hypothesized that tiny particles called gemmules were passed on from parents to sons, carrying with them hereditary information (guess the guy wasn’t that far off, was he?).

Dean's rune, the one he carved in the souls of those he tortured in Hell, is depcited below. It represents 'Men'. we thought it would be a fitting way for Dean to remind those he turned into demons of who they truly were.

As for the story's presentation... we hope it didn’t become too confusing as we parted from the normal setting of chapter after chapter. Taking a page from those who know way more about this writting stuff than us, we decided to blatantly copy Mr. G.R.R. Martin’s style in the Game of Thrones series of books and we named each chapter after the character whose point of view was being explored at the time. It was a gamble. We hope it worked.

Thank you all for reading!

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