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The Lord of Misrule -Art post

(click on the sword to to the story)

When amberdreams told me what this story was about and the key elements that she intended to use, I thought she was nuts. I mean, Winchesters + ancient tribes + Norse mythology... shouldn’t have work!

But it was Amber, and I knew she could pull it off. And boy... did she pulled it off... IN SPADES!

I wont go into much detail (for those of you who drop by before reading the story) BUT I will say this: this was one of the most intriguing, exciting and well written stories I’ve read in a while.

And visually... well, lets just say that I had to restrain myself so this wouldn’t turn into a graphic novel  *g*

Sadly, and this was something that I only realized in a later stage, Sam is sorely missing from these illustrations :(

Please don’t take that as a sign that he isn’t in the story. Not only he’s there, but he does play a part just as important as Dean’s... my pencil just neglected to turn towards him, and for that I’m sorry.

As for the stuff that my pencil did turned to...






Loki. Original hand drawn above and digital painting below. The runes behind him spell his name


The Beothuk camp, with Nonosabawsut in the foreground. Again, hand stuff above, digital wonders below


Dean meditating. I confess this one didn't came out as good as I'd wish, but this scene is so awesome and has such great visuals that I couldn't help but try and do something from it


Dean's spirit guide, the blue eyed wolf


The Viking feast, with Karlsefni in the foreground. This one was the labor of two people.jackfan2 let me borrow some of her time and she colored the version above, which gave me fantastic textures and depth so I could do the version below


Sam's spirit guide, the cougar


Dean and the wolf... you know, because it's cool!


And, finally, the cover :oD

Now... what the heck are you still doing here???! GO READ THIS STORY, YOU PEOPLE!!!!

(Click! You know you want to!)

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