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Not that many notes to bore you guys with for this one. There aren’t that many stories I wish to revisit after being done with them, but Blind Faith was an exception. I loved that AU so much that I had wanted to do something else in there for some time now. This mini bang was the perfect opportunity to do it.

There is nothing of the epic feeling of the first story in this second one. Instead, we go a little deeper into Dean responsibility. We take a glimpse at what happens after the ‘happily ever after’... so to speak.

If you’re reading these notes after reading the story (which I really, really hope is the case) you’ll have already realized that this is as much of a trial for Dean as it is for the reader.

We know these characters for years now; we know how they think. So, how much are we ready to accept and understand their actions even when they seem so peculiar and wrong?

I hope that this story has managed to fool you guys at least for a while and, if not, at least entertain you for a little bit.

I would also like to leave a warm thank you and a huge hug for a couple of people here.

My fantastic artist, kj_svala, who was amazing with the art created and gave it such gritty and mature representation that was all I’d dreamed of. Even though I send her a crappy draft that was more bullet points than actually story, this fantastic artist managed to see through the empty spaces and understand the story for what it was. Thank you, sweetie! You rocked!

To my awesome betas, amberdreams and jackfan2... I have failed you *sad face* I am sure of that. Both of you know of my obsession compulsion need to tweak and mess around with the stories after you girls go to all that trouble to make them pretty and without mistakes, which means I end up adding a thousand more misspells and grammar errors to it...

Know that I find your beta work invaluable and I’m deeply thankful for it, but also that I take full responsibility for whatever crappy stuff that’s there now. You girls tried... but I’m just that stubborn *g*

To reapertownusa, thank you so much for going to all that trouble to organize this event again. It was loads of fun last year and even better this one. Let us hope and wish for a third one that will blow all scales!

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