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Art for The no tailed fox

This story stands out for being entirely about a character that we met only once in the Supernatural world and of whom we learned very little. In a bold move, ceedeeandcowrote a beautiful story that enlightens us about Amy and her roots, about how life was as she grew up and what her family was like. Its a very good read, a compelling -and nerve wracking at some points *g*- that takes new characters deep into your heart and makes you care for them. Do not miss it! THE NO-TAILED FOX

As for the art... Japanese culture, people!! One of my secret (ok, maybe not so secret, given the number of sushi-related posts I have *g*) passions! So, it was a joy to give this art something of a little oriental feeling, like this cherry blossom drawing that was used as one of the elements in the final banner. Why a cherry blossom, you may ask? Because in a story that is all about growing up and 'blossoming' into the person Amy was when we met her, this emblematic and symbolic as the sakura, seen as the representation of the ephemeral nature of life, the cherry blossom was way too perfect to ignore.

The family portrait. Which can kind of be considered spoilerish because it contains a good number of characters in this story. Amy's family, of which we only saw the mother in the show, is extended in this story. On the right, we have Sunny, which I pictured as kind of hippie-looking and a free spirit -hence the little flower in her hair. She is also the only human in the family. Next to her, Grandma; and on the left, Violet, Amy's mother. Below, you got the twins, Amy and Drew, at about eight years old.
All the Kitsune in the family have their Kitsune eyes showing, but given her nature, Violet is the only one where I added the claws.

The drawing itself, as all art for this story, was painted in loosely added water colors. I was trying to go for the look of old Japanese art, but I think I kind of failed in that aspect *sigh*

The chapters headers, same as the banner, were made using a special letter-font that I found in THIS cool site. The font it's called 'Sayonara' and I thought it was perfect for this story

Text divider using the same cherry blossom of above

And the final banners. As always, I try to do a couple of slightly different versions of the banner and leave it to the author to choose which one they prefer. The little Japanese word inside the box mean 'Kitsune', which I found was appropriated to this story :)


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